Amy Morrison

amy morrison

This actually works! That random hot garbage filth smell in the car is gone – all without the use of chemicals or toxic spray crap.

Chelsea Barrile


Purggo has been working very well so far!  We have gone from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge to Chicago to Portland to San Francisco with three dogs, my boyfriend, two kids and myself and the car still smells great!  I would call that a HUGE win!

Jennifer – Hybrid Rasta


The bamboo freshener definitely worked well with the manure smell! There was a shorter period of time where we had that lingering odor. So yay! I also tried it in our shoe closet. Good news! It worked fabulously!

Derek Markham


I think it’s a great natural alternative for those of us who don’t buy or use any of the commercial “air fresheners” (scent bombs, to me), yet have a vehicle or room in their house that needs some odor control. Purggo also seems to have a much lower eco footprint, as the bulk of it […]

Kate Singleton


I had the pleasure of using Purggo in my little car with many doggy passengers. I really noticed the difference and more importantly, my co-worker who is often too polite about the doggy smells in my car noticed.